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5 May

Brilliant Surface Fishing Bait

Few baits can honestly be described as 'game changers', but I truly believe that this floater fishing feed will revolutionise your surface fishing in the same way that it has done mine. Ball it up and catapult it out. The fast breakdown leaves a cloud of particles throughout the water column, drawing carp up and to the swim and disguising the hook and hooklength.   https://youtu.be/IFSs3ssQZMY...
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16 Jul


One of the main reasons I guess most of us carry a camera when we go fishing is to get decent shots of the fish our mates and we catch. This month I am going to concentrate on how to take shots of your mates with fish, before going on to self-takes next month. I must admit, I really enjoy taking pictures of my buddies with their fish, and getting them some lasting pictures to go with their memories. Catch shots aren’t really that technically challenging, after all it is just a ‘bloke with a fish’. Normally I follow a well-rehearsed routine to get the shots I want, which means the fish get back quickly and as much...
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